Beautiful 4.5 x 6 inch, folded size, 

Blank Note Greeting Cards Full Color Images of Children, Baby Animals and Baby Wildlife


Beautiful 4.5 x 6 inch, folded size, Blank Note or Sentiment Full Color Image Note or Greeting Cards of Children, Baby Animals and Baby Wildlife. $2.00 per card!

These cards are perfect for most any occasion ! Example:

"You're One in a Million ! " © 2003 Anne Huddas Thull, LLC

This could be a card for most any occasion:

Minimum order 10 cards. Tax, Shipping & Handling added per order . All orders usually received 5-10 days or less via Fed Ex, UPS or U.S. Mail

Gift Bags are $1.00 per bag and $1.50 per clear top box info@babybb.com

Questions? Please email us info@babybb.com

For more beautiful card images of Landscapes, Gardens, etc. visit untilwemeetagain.com

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